Mark West
Arkansas District 1
Mark West will provide Arkansas with a clear difference, clear direction
and clear decision for U.S. House District 1 by laying out a plan and
platform that will put national political power back in the hands of the
people where it is best utilized. Arkansas will see a clear difference in
the Libertarian approach to the major issues that are facing our nation
as his platform emphasizes the importance of the individual over that
of the special interests and lobbyists in Washington.
Mark hopes to fill Arkansans with new excitement and renewed trust in
the political process with a clear direction that will move our nation
forward economically by putting job-producing power back in the
hands of small businesses where it is used most efficiently and
effectively. Mark will make clear the decision that Arkansans must
make for the U.S. House District 1 race as he delineates the
Libertarian option and shows how it is a common sense approach to
national governance.
As a Libertarian, Mark will support policies and direction that will help
restore our good name internationally while providing the freedom
necessary for business to grow and build more jobs and heal our
economy here at home. On this site you will find Mark's platform so
that you can see his stances on the major issues we face as a nation.
News from the campaign will be updated as it happens. You can also
donate or volunteer if you find Mark's message one you can get
behind. Mark is asking for your vote.
When you go to the polls in November remember: clear difference,
clear direction, clear decision - vote Mark West for Congress in 2016.
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Mark West will work to:
Eliminate federal meddling in the economy, health care and education by ending corporate welfare, repealing Obamacare and eliminating the Department of Education
Eliminate income taxes for 99% of Arkansans. Taxation is theft!
Propose a balanced budget amendment for the federal government
Return educational choice to parents and schools
Bring troops home from foreign entanglements
Secure Social Security
Provide a permanent fix to immigration
Cut federal government spending by cutting federal bureacracy
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Save lives and money by ending the drug war
Establish term limits for federal office holders
End monetary manipulation by auditing and de-authorizing the Federal Reserve Bank
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Clear Difference, Clear Direction, Clear Decision... Vote West 2016